Meeting Notes June

Madball / Underdog Show
Saturday Oct 10th:

Darren was in attendance to discuss the idea about a show on the 10th. Originally the idea was for Madball to play but due to a variety of concerns (unsavory violence prone crowds, a need for a security presence, and money) the idea changed to have Underdog headline and that PF members would be the security element for the space.
Mark assured us that Craig O'Hara from PM Press formerly of AK Press says that much of the macho behavior of the NY Hardcore bands has dissipated.  Mark also pointed out that from 1987 - 1993 shows were held at St.Stephens. The venue was open to outside promoters and that non-pf shows attendees ended up causing a petition that force the ban of shows. 
It was left at Darren exploring Underdog for Oct 10th and the need for a larger DIY venue like St.Stephens exists in DC. 10 -12 dollars was discussed as a door price.

Katie Otto's Birthday Show:
Friday June 26th

It's a Benefit for DASH, Chris and Julie expressed interest in support that night.
It was mentioned that the We Are Family Benefit around 60 people showed up and it was pure profit for We Are Family, but more night of show support would be useful in the future.

Mark's Birthday:
July 25th 4pm - 7pm

Awesome flyer & donation card proofs depicting Mark Anderson through the ages were examined.  The show will be a fundraiser for We Are Family
It may or may not be a show, but regardless of live musical performance it will still be a fun time. Awards will be presented!

Birds + Wires Show
July 17th

This show may be held in the basement as there is likely an overlapping event in the main hall. Some special concerns about noise may be at play the night of the show. Night of show support was underscored for door and general to-do stuff.

We Are Family Food Distro
Saturday June 20th & June 27th 9am - Noon

Help is needed big time! Cars are needed! Mark & Tulin will need responsible parties to assist especially on the 27th (two weekends from now) as they will be out of town. Julie is likely to be organizing that day. All of the bags should be made before hand and be ready to go.Fred Sims will also be a point of contact that day. Meet at Kelsey

Positive Force Web Development:

The website has been redesigned for ease of use and  is ready for final testing before the transition from patrick's test site to Everyone should make an account, without one you can't do all the fun stuff like post shows / events / links / pictures / blogs.  Some of the features introduced are: Cross posting to Flickr/Twitter/Ect... A Positive Force mass email server to deliver messages to members.  An open voting system. User Images. RSS Subscription meaning any changes on the site will be published like a blog to newsreaders. Built all on the ultra stable open source content management system Drupal.  Any stuff you do will be migrated to the live server so try it out and share some stuff / ideas.

Positive Force DVD:
PM Press

There is possible chance for a release on PM Press from former AK Press people. This DVD will cover Released and Unreleased footage. It would be released next year to coincide with PF's 25th Anniversary. Enterprising film makers were encourages to create new footage. It could have a tie in with We Are Family.


JULY 11th

Positive Force Office:
Newton & 16th Street.

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